1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”

I’ma say it AGAIN! If u don’t know GOD, u DON’T know LOVE and u have NEVER been in LOVE. EVERY PERSON u have told that too, except ur KIDS, U have told a LIE. ESPECIALLY on the ALTAR of GOD. This is the MAIN REASON why MARRIAGES are DOOMED off RIP. Two UNSAVED ppl declaring what they think is LOVE but it’s really LUST, that’s why it WEARS OFF. GOD says in 1 CORINTHIANS 7:13, that the PRAYERS of the SAVED person will bring the UNSAVED person across and their CHILDREN will be HOLY also.This goes for MARRIED ppl in the SAME HOUSEHOLD. Now u know that SAVED person in ur LIFE does more for u and ur SOUL than any of the SINNERS u worship. But yet they CONTINUALLY EXALT the SINNERS, for what? That SINNER doesn’t PRAY for u, but that PRAYING person is TRYING to give u LIFE. SINNERS think that ppl who give them the most money is the ones who CARE. Ask all the WOMEN who have been in ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS how TRUE this is? That MONEY brings about MANY PROBLEMS when that’s ALL u’re CHASING after. BTW u NEVER will catch it either.



This is a PSA for the MARRIED ppl who CHEAT. U might as well STOP bcuz itz NOT going to work. PROVERBS 7:27) Their house is the way to HELL, going down to the chambers of DEATH). This is why I DON’T CHEAT. There is a definite PUNISHMENT for that. First off u’ve BROKEN GOD’s marriage VOWS and now u’re going to commit ADULTERY on top of it, but then u’ll wonder why EVIL THINGS keep happening to u? REALLY? U can’t possibly be that STUPID. So u might as well get a DIVORCE and not DRAG the other person into SIN with u. So every word u uttered on that ALTAR was a LIE. U don’t know LOVE, u CHERISH only yourself, and u HONOR no one. A person who is WILLING to CHEAT wit’ u, is the same person that will CHEAT on u. Those OUTSIDE RELATIONSHIPs DON’T LAST bcuz GOD doesn’t let them. HE brings them to the LIGHT, so quit trying to HIDE them. If u’re making PHONE CALLS late at nite or the wee hours in the morning, they’ll know. If u’re comin home late during the weekdays, they notice. WHATEVER u’re doing, GOD will let the other person know so u might as well DIVORCE them and QUIT wasting their TIME with ur SELFISHNESS. But the MAIN REASON they know is SIMPLE. The INSTANT u commit ADULTERY/INFIDELITY ur BEDROOM changes right then!!! And u’re FOOLING urself if u think the OTHER PERSON doesn’t notice. Don’t be STUPID all ur life. Give the OTHER PERSON what they DESERVE, FREEDOM (DIVORCE) from ur STUPIDITY and GOD will send them SOMEONE who knows how to LOVE and u can go about ur merry way and get EXACTLY what u DESERVE. Then when u get what u WANT, u will LEARN that PILLOW TALK works both ways. All u & who u’re CHEATING wit is telling each other a MOUTH FULL of LIES that sound good while u’re committing LUSTFUL ACTS. But them ADULTEROUS JACKASSES really think there is NO PUNISHMENT for that SIN. Nevermind the FACT, that they NEVER will find NO ONE to LOVE, they will LAY from pillow to post, and they will end up DROPPING their DRAWERS constantly for STRANGE WOMEN/ MEN.Something they didn’t do for their SPOUSES when they would’ve gotten BLESSED for it bcuz that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. GOD makes sure to ALLOW satan to let them have ALL the SEX they CRAVE from the outside and it’s usually DISEASED FILLED, UNSATISFYING, and DRUNKEN sex and the RELATIONSHIP is usually very ABUSIVE. But remember , u CHEATED for that bcuz that’s what u WANTED.


Let’s CLARIFY this once and for ALL. There is a SCRIPTURE ( JOHN 14:6) that says, “The ONLY way to The FATHER is thru The SON”. If u are (UNSAVED), then ur PRAYERS will NEVER be ANSWERED bcuz u DO NOT BELIEVE in or have ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST as ur SAVIOUR. That’s it, point blank period…..U cannot even know The FATHER if u DO NOT believe in The SON. So therefore, if u DON’T believe in The SON it is IMPOSSIBLE for u to ever LOVE someone other than ur CHILD/CHILDREN or PARENTS (that’s a different type of love) bcuz GOD is LOVE. Now u know u DON’T even LOVE urself. U don’t have AGAPE LOVE which is the LOVE GOD gives THE SAVED to LOVE OTHERS no matter how they TREAT us. We continue to PRAY for them UNWAVERINGLY. So to THE UNSAVED, before u act like a JACKA$$ toward that SAVED PERSON in ur LIFE remember it’s their PRAYERS for u that is KEEPING U HERE. It is NOTHING that u are doing for urself bcuz u DO NOT BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST, but, WE DO…….And I betcha ALL THIS TIME u really thought it was you…..In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.


  1. THE GOSSIPER……GOD says to definitely stay away from them. DON’T even develop a FRIENDSHIP with PPL who talk too much and EVERYONE knows a GOSSIPER and it’s probably someone in their immediate family.
  2. THE FOOL…..These are the type of PPL who rejects anything GODLY. The funny thing about these PPL is that they WON’T read the Bible, u can’t tell them the WORD bcuz they DON’T wanna hear it but they’ll go to church a couple of times a year and they really think they’re pleasing GOD, but they will find out differently when their feet end up in HELL. Anything they do is mostly for show to IMPRESS their other HEATHEN friends.
  3. THE IMMORAL…..These are the PPL who have NO MORALS and engage in IMMORAL ACTS. HOMOSEXUALITY, LESBIANISM, SWINGERS, etc., GOD say DON’T develop friendships with these type of PPL or u will learn their ways and become IMMORAL. So everyone who tries to tell me that there is NOTHING WRONG or trying to be POLITICALLY CORRECT about these type of PPL, keep ur FOOLISH THOUGHTS to yourself bcuz GOD says OTHERWISE. Didn’t GOD burn down 2 cities bcuz of this? SODOM and GOMORRAH. That in itself should tell u how GOD feel about this.
  4. THE DISCONTENT….These are the PPL who u CANNOT satisfy NO MATTER what u do. If u do 99 out of 100 things RIGHT, they will LOOK for the one thing WRONG and FOCUS on that, so they can have something to talk about. GOD says they are like this bcuz they don’t have ANY JOY in their lives. satan has brought them LOW and now they’re trying to bring those around them down, usually the SAVED ppl they know. What they don’t understand is that bcuz of their own DECISIONS and FOOLISH THINKING, they are the REASON they don’t have any JOY but u will NEVER be able to tell them that.
  5. THE DISLOYAL….Ask that person who is in JAIL or ask anyone who has ever been CHEATED on or ask the person who TRUSTED someone and that person STOLE from them, they can tell u a lot about these PPL. They are all around us everywhere we look and everywhere we go. GOD says stay away from them too.
  6. THE SELFISH…..PPL who ONLY do things for THEMSELVES. They ONLY do things for OTHERS when there is something BENEFICIAL in it for them. Sad to say, I know plenty of SELFISH PPL, and I am really trying to put as much DISTANCE me and them as possible. The SAD THING about SELFISH PPL is they don’t realize they’re SELFISH until someone points it out to them and they really expect for GOD to continually bless them but they DON’T do anything for GOD. Not even THANKING HIM for waking them everyday. They really think the sun rises and sets on them. They are the perfect example of a FOOLISH THINKER and FOOLISH PRIDE….But u CAN’T TELL THEM THAT!!!!!


THIS is the MAIN REASON a lot of ppl , DON’T, get blessed by GOD. DELAYED OBEDIENCE. It’s when GOD tells u to do something, and u do it, but u DON’T DO IT when GOD tells u to do it, u put it it off TIL LATER. If GOD leads u to read the Bible at 8 o’clock and u DON’T DO IT til 10 o’clock. Yea u did it, but u did it when u got ready. THERE’s NO BLESSING IN THAT!!! BUT the OTHER PERSON GOD told the EXACT SAME THING, did it when HE said do it and they got that BLESSING bcuz they OBEYED. I see this a lot with the YOUTH of this generation. U ask them to do something at 9 and they DON’T MOVE til 3. In my MOMMA’s,(NaNa) house, if she asked u at 8, by 8:05, either u was  DONE doing it or u’d BETTER be doing it bcuz the LICK was COMIN’. That’s the PROBLEM wit’ this YOUNG GENERATION, not enough of them are gettin THE LICKS. SPARE the rod, SPOIL the child. The only thing that leads to is DISOBEDIENCE and LAZINESS bcuz there is NO RETRIBUTION for their acts…….In other words, THEY DON’T GET HIT NO MO’……….