Today FATHER I just wanna say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for the MOTHER that YOU assigned to me. I LOVE her DEARLY for TEACHING me the GODLY WAY and just like YOUR WORD says, even while I was IN THE WORLD SINNING bcuz my MOTHER was PRAYING, YOU brought me thru. I wanna THANK YOU for HONORING my MOTHER’s PRAYERS. I wanna THANK YOU for NOT giving up on me. I wanna THANK YOU for putting it on her HEART to PUNISH & BEAT us when we NEEDED IT. It’s those BEATINGS that made me & my BROTHERS the MEN that we are today. I wanna THANK YOU for BLESSING me with 4 WONDERFUL KIDS who are very WELL BEHAVED & WELL MANNERED bcuz I’m TEACHING them the way my MOTHER taught me, THE GODLY WAY. I wanna THANK YOU for ALL the TRIBULATIONS I went thru also bcuz in THOSE TIMES YOU SHOWED me YOUR GRACE, LOVE, & SALVATION and sometimes even YOUR SUPERNATURAL POWER (like when that SUV STOPPED 4 inches from hitting me & my SON). I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU FATHER for EVERYTHING, my UPS, my DOWNS, my HIGHS, and my LOWS bcuz YOU’VE NEVER FORSAKEN me or taken me OUT OF YOUR FAVOR. I’m HUMBLED and HONORED to be a SERVANT in YOUR ARMY. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen and Amen again…………..


LUST is a SERIOUS SIN. It’s the SIN that makes u give COMPLIMENTS to OTHER MEN/WOMEN bcuz that’s what ur HEART is FEELING even tho’ u’re MARRIED. SINNERS say there’s NOTHING wrong with it but if u READ The BIBLE, I betcha GOD feels DIFFERENTLY about it. It’s the SIN that makes u WISH u belonged to SOMEBODY ELSE and sometimes it makes OTHERS WISH u belonged to SOMEBODY ELSE too. It’s the SIN that makes u WISH somebody else’s MATERIAL GAIN was ur OWN. Why do u think ppl ROB ppl? It’s the same SIN that make WOMEN go get BOOTY SHOTS so MEN can LUST after them, talk about VANITY. I would rather have a PLAIN, GOD FEARING woman than a BEAUTIFUL WHORE with a LUSTFUL HEART…………


If I had a QUARTER for every time someone spoke to me KINDLY outta their MOUTH but their HEART had MALICIOUS intent, I would be a MILLIONAIRE and MOST of u would be too. Thatz bcuz MOST PPL who speak to u have INIQUITY in their HEARTS and if u’re NOT SAVED all u have is an INIQUITOUS HEART and a real HATRED of GOD. All u gotta do is WATCH how they act, but I BETCHA they treat their UNSAVED HEATHEN friends like they are the SALT of the EARTH. So QUIT saying ppl are HATIN’ on u. What u think is supposed to happen when u have HATRED for ALMIGHTY GOD who gave u life? DUH!!!!!

PSA……..BTW we, THE SAVED, know why we get HATED on. Bcuz ppl with INIQUITOUS HEARTS HATED on JESUS CHRIST too but u see how that turned out. Now u know why GOD calls them FOOLS………..

My Mind’s I View:

OK fellas I’m about to give the LADIES a trade SECRET. Here goes: If u’re one of them fellas who have gotten CAUGHT by ur lady CHEATIN’ and u have SMASHED the OTHER CHICK more than ONCE, then DON’T LIE and tell ur lady that u DON’T care nothing bout this CHICK bcuz u r telling a BOLD FACE LIE!!! First off, u went BACK, so there’s SOMETHING there. Secondly, EVERYTIME u sleep wit’ someone, SOMEBODY is gettin’ up out of that BED wit’ FEELINGS, believe that. Now there is a way to AVOID all this. STAY OUTTA THEM CHICKS FACES!!! FELLAS u already know if a CHICK likes u or is FLIRTING, so the BEST THING u can do is not even be around her and that way u DO NOT have to WORRY about the devil TEMPTING u. And likewise for u FEMALES bcuz there is no such thing as INNOCENT FLIRTIN’. If u like to FLIRT then DON’T waste a MAN’s TIME by tryin’ to have a RELATIONSHIP that u’re not going to be COMMITTED too. Bcuz all FLIRTIN’ does is tell the OTHER PERSON they have a CHANCE to have SEX wit’ u…….