1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”

I’ma say it AGAIN! If u don’t know GOD, u DON’T know LOVE and u have NEVER been in LOVE. EVERY PERSON u have told that too, except ur KIDS, U have told a LIE. ESPECIALLY on the ALTAR of GOD. This is the MAIN REASON why MARRIAGES are DOOMED off RIP. Two UNSAVED ppl declaring what they think is LOVE but it’s really LUST, that’s why it WEARS OFF. GOD says in 1 CORINTHIANS 7:13, that the PRAYERS of the SAVED person will bring the UNSAVED person across and their CHILDREN will be HOLY also.This goes for MARRIED ppl in the SAME HOUSEHOLD. Now u know that SAVED person in ur LIFE does more for u and ur SOUL than any of the SINNERS u worship. But yet they CONTINUALLY EXALT the SINNERS, for what? That SINNER doesn’t PRAY for u, but that PRAYING person is TRYING to give u LIFE. SINNERS think that ppl who give them the most money is the ones who CARE. Ask all the WOMEN who have been in ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS how TRUE this is? That MONEY brings about MANY PROBLEMS when that’s ALL u’re CHASING after. BTW u NEVER will catch it either.



When u go thru life u will CERTAINLY find urself in sometimes DIFFICULT SITUATIONS. Those are the TRIALS of LIFE that GOD wanna see how we RESPOND. I DON’T keep NOTHING from my kids, not even when I’m UNHAPPY about CERTAIN THINGS. I’ll EXPLAIN to them what’s about to HAPPEN so NOBODY else can tell them ANYTHING DIFFERENT and I’m gonna tell it to them in GOD’s WORDS, not MAN’s word and their LIES. My mama (NaNa) was a very STRONG INFLUENCE in and on my LIFE and continues to be. Thatz bcuz EVERYTHING she told me before she PASSED, has HAPPENED just like she said it WOULD happen, almost down to the EXACT ORDER that she said it would happen in. So I know it was GOD talking to me thru HER. He’s PREPARING and ELEVATING my FEET to my NEXT PLACE in life. HE will leave u somewhere but for so LONG and when the ppl in that place DON’T wanna FOLLOW HIS WORD and HIS WAY, HE allows HIS CHILD to escape without facing HIS WRATH, but the UNBELIEVERS suffer BIG TIME for their DISOBEDIENCE and the HARDENING of THEIR HEARTS. Sometimes they BEGIN to SUFFER right in front of ur eyes but they DON’T even NOTICE. Thatz bcuz GOD says, “Their eyes will be OPEN but I will NOT let them see”. That which they’re (the SINNER) CHASING, HE doesn’t let them have. And they’re NEVER gonna HAVE IT, but satan continues to make them CHASE after it and that CHASE is EXACTLY what leads to their DOWNFALL and DESTRUCTION. GOD tells us right in THE BIBLE bcuz of ur UNBELIEF u WILL NOT SEE. Can it be any SIMPLER put than that???? CHILD of GOD don’t FIGHT IT, just TURN IT OVER TO GOD and DON’T even WORRY ABOUT IT and whatever HAPPENS, HAPPENS!!!!


There are a LOT of DISILLUSIONED men and women who get MARRIED for the wrong reasons, then is UTTERLY SURPRISED when their MARRIAGE FAILS. Well I’m about to give it to u RAW like it was given to me. The ONLY REASON anybody should ever get MARRIED is bcuz u TRULY LOVE that person, THAT’S IT!!!! Now if u’re NOT SAVED then don’t ever get married bcuz u will NEVER what LOVE is until u FIND JESUS. PERIOD!!! The only thing u’re accomplishing is NOTHING! How can u LOVE someone when u DON’T KNOW what LOVE is? GOD is LOVE, that’s why it NEVER FAILS or ENDS and it CONQUERS ALL. All u’ve done is BREAK A VOW that GOD holds SACRED. So ur MARRIAGE is supposed to FAIL when u’ve LIED on the ALTAR of GOD. If u got married for money, financial equity, to help u pay ur bills, to show off for ur friends & family, or u’re just TIRED of havin’ kids outta WEDLOCK, then ur MARRIAGE is DOOMED. WOMEN quit listening at OTHER WOMEN tellin’ u u need to find a man who’s FINANCIALLY ABLE to take care of u. It’ll NEVER happen bcuz GOD is NOT going to let it happen. ALL u’re doing is WHOREMONGERING for MONEY and wasting a man’s time. Bcuz u’re NOT in love and probably NEVER WAS, GOD will allow satan to tear that marriage to PIECES bcuz u MARRIED under FALSE PRETENSES. QUIT listening at OTHER LONELY WOMEN trying to tell u how to be MARRIED. The price that u pay for marrying a man with MONEY is a heavy one and u’d better be willing to take ALL the physical and verbal abuse that comes along wit’ it. MEN quit looking for WOMEN that’ll take care of u. That’s ur MOTHER’s JOB, not ur WOMAN’s. U’re supposed to HELP EACH OTHER without complaining, %itchin, or moaning. When u TRULY LOVE someone, u don’t have to tell them when u NEED something, GOD will put it on their HEART and then HE will OPEN the doors so they can get it for u. When BOTH persons serve GOD TRULY, then I GUARANTEE u that MARRIAGE WILL NOT FAIL!!!


I’ve EXPLAINED this before and ppl STILL DON’T get it!!!! The ONLY WAY, the ONLY WAY, ANY MARRIAGE will succeed is if BOTH of u are SAVED. That’s the ONLY WAY, there is NO other way regardless of what u THINK. If one is SAVED and the other is NOT, then u are UNEVENLY YOKED bcuz The BIBLE (GOD) says u are. That’s simply bcuz the one who is SAVED is in this world but NOT of this world bcuz JESUS tells u that. Therefore WORLDLY things are of NO IMPORTANCE to them. The one who is NOT SAVED is in this WORLD and therefore WORLDLY THINGS are of GREAT IMPORTANCE to them. That’s what makes u UNEVENLY YOKED. If BOTH of u are UNSAVED, then that MARRIAGE is DOOMED from the start and that’s bcuz u BOTH LIED on the ALTAR of GOD bcuz u BOTH DON’T KNOW what LOVE is. GOD is LOVE. NEITHER of u know GOD, therefore u don’t have ANY WISDOM, regardless of what u think bcuz the BEGINNING of WISDOM is the FEAR of GOD. U CANNOT LIE to GOD and stay married bcuz GOD PONDERS the HEART and NOT ur WORDS. Any DECEPTION in ur HEART, GOD will show the person who’s SAVED bcuz that’s His way of PROTECTING His Children, that’s why it’s called The Armor of GOD (EPHESIANS 6:10-18). My ADVICE to the UNSAVED person is read that SCRIPTURE and ask GOD for DISCERNMENT and then u will get a  BETTER UNDERSTANDING of why u CANNOT get away with NOTHING!!!!! It’s THAT SIMPLE and u DON’T NEED a PhD to understand that……..