Dear God,
I know that I have sinned against You and I pray that You would forgive me of my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that I could be forgiven. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and help me to live a life dedicated to You. Thank You for Your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.


FATHER GOD I Thank Thee for the blessings that YOU have given me. I Thank Thee for emptying me of self and filling me with Thee, In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen 🙇🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


FATHER GOD, we Thank Thee for BLESSINGS that are undeserved but YOU give them to us FREELY. We Thank Thee for that FORGIVENESS. We PRAISE YOU FATHER for GRACIOUSNESS and MERCY that we do not deserve but YOU give us that FREELY too bcuz YOU want nothing but the BEST for YOUR CHILDREN. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST I pray, Amen……


When u DON’T READ THE BIBLE, u DON’T know when satan is trying to take over ur home bcuz u DON’T UNDERSTAND the WILES of the devil. And when u choose to IGNORE GOD’s WARNINGS u will SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES. Bcuz satan will USE ANYBODY against u. he will use ur PARENTS, ur RELATIVES, ur FRIENDS, and even ur KIDS. his WHOLE POINT is to get the PRAYING PERSON out of the HOME so he can DESTROY it from the INSIDE OUT & UNWISE PARENTS never see it COMING bcuz they DON’T have enuff SENSE to get SAVED or listen at The WORD of GOD. Just bcuz SOMETHING looks COOL, doesn’t mean that it is. IT could turn out to be ur DOWNFALL and ur BIGGEST MISTAKE. Just like satan INTENDS for it to be………………………


PROVERBS 5:15- Drink waters out of thine own CISTERN, and running waters out of thine own well.

PROVERBS 5:8-Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house.

Now u know how GOD feels about CHEATERS. HE’s telling u DON’T. The way of a CHEATER is the path to HELL. U drink from the fountain that GOD has sent u and NOT from somebody else’s. The PROBLEM is ppl ALWAYS want more than GOD sends them bcuz the grass looks greener on the OTHER SIDE but it NEVER is, that’s just satan DANGLING that LUST carrot in ur face and ppl FALL for it everytime. This is the reason it’s NOT WISE to TRUST UNSAVED ppl as far as u can see them. U would be VERY FOOLISH to do so bcuz they’re ALWAYS looking for the GREENER GRASS.


If u NOTICE that ur OTHER HALF is doing something that’s out of character, and they’re doing it EVERYDAY or EVERY OTHER DAY at or around the SAME EXACT TIME they are CHEATING, make no mistake about it. The PROBLEM that MOST CHEATERS have is their THINKING. They THINK they have to HAVE SEX in order for it to be CHEATING when ALL u have to do is EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS. The MINUTE u talk to them on the phone u have just CHEATED bcuz u INVITED someone u’re NOT committed to in on ur RELATIONSHIP. Now ur BEDROOM CHANGES bcuz DIRTY FLESH will tell on u everytime. It’s called a CONVICTED SPIRIT and GOD makes sure u have it. Itz that SPIRIT which makes u COVER UP when ur OTHER HALF is around u and MOST CHEATERS don’t even realize they’re doing it. But ur OTHER HALF notices. The moment u EXCHANGE NUMBERS, should be the day u go HOME and tell the OTHER PERSON u want a DIVORCE bcuz u’re having WHORE TRYOUTS. Let the OTHER PERSON go so they can get on with THEIR LIFE. U DON’T want them but u DON’T wanna let them go EITHER. So ALL u’re doing is WASTING SOMEBODY ELSE’s TIME. Bcuz that GOOD PERSON u DON’T want, there’s SOMEBODY PRAYING to GOD for HIM to send them a PERSON just like that. So they’re WANTED too, just not by the CHEATER. Then when the CHEATER’S CHEATING DON’t work out they wanna COME BACK to the PERSON THEY CHEATED on. They tell a MOUTH FULL OF LIES and how they’ve CHANGED, but they STILL HAVEN’T gotten SAVED, so they HAVEN’T CHANGED at ALL, they’re just tellin’ u LIES that SOUND GOOD. But once u have BROKEN THAT TRUST, it’s OVER. But CHEATING works BOTH WAYS so DON’T forget that, bcuz what u think u’re getting away with could be the EXACT SAME THING that’s happening to u. The WARNING SIGN is when the PERSON u’re CHEATING ON stops SPEAKING to u. That pretty much means THEY DON’T CARE what u’re doing, they are now DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. CHEATERS u’re NOT FOOLIN’ anybody. But they ALWAYS think they are.

2 Samuel 24 –

If GOD be for you

it is more than the whole world against you.


if the whole world be for you


GOD be against you

it shall profit you nothing.

Just trust in the LORD to fight for you


to send the help you need

when you need it.

Stop looking to natural support


begin looking to supernatural help from GOD alone.


This is some WORDS OF WISDOM my momma (NaNa) told me when I first started dating girls/women. She said son,”a WHORE is going to be a WHORE. If she is WHORING at 40 thatz bcuz she was WHORING in her 30s. And if she’s WHORING in her 30s, thatz bcuz she was WHORING in her 20s. And if she’s WHORING in her 20s, thatz bcuz she was WHORING in her TEENS. A woman doesn’t just decide one day she is going to be a WHORE, she was ALWAYS a WHORE. And that she ALWAYS will be a WHORE until she asks GOD to help CHANGE her. But son, DON’T try to change her bcuz u CAN’T, ONLY GOD can, and most WHORES don’t ask GOD for HELP.” The REALEST words that my NaNa ever told me and I just shared them wit’ one of my cousins. All he could do is look at me and say AUNTIE BETTYE told u that? Then he said, I never thought about it like that and I said, U SHOULD, and then u’ll have a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of some women, cuz. And that came from the MOST RELIGIOUS & RIGHTEOUS woman, I knew.