Save THY ppl and BLESS thine inheritance,feed them also, and LIFT them up FOREVER. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

That’s my PRAYER for EVERYBODY this evening. Have a BLESSED DAY.


This is the TRUE GODLY LOVE and it can ONLY come from GOD and NOWHERE ELSE. It’s NOT LUST. It DON’T make u CHASE OTHERS who are NOT ur OWN. It DON’T make u desire to have CONVERSATIONS with & try to HOOK UP wit’ OTHERS. It DON’T make u SNEAK AROUND or FLIRT wit OTHER PPL. GOD put that LOVE in u and it is THE TRUE LOVE which will ALLOW u to FORGIVE OTHERS for their TRANSGRESSIONS & SINS, no matter what they may be. Whether they commit ADULTERY, LIE, INFIDELITY, or commit some OTHER SIN u will find it in ur HEART to FORGIVE THEM. If NONE of what I said ABOVE applies to u and ur CHARACTER, then u really have some work to do in ur LIFE bcuz all u is is a LUSTER. NO MATTER the EXCUSE u give for ur ACTIONS, U are STILL just a LUSTER and U have ALWAYS BEEN a LUSTER!!!

What can I give HIM, POOR as I am

If I were a SHEPHERD, I would bring a LAMB

If I were a WISE MAN, I would do my PART

But what can I give HIM? I can give HIM my HEART…………………



Today FATHER I just wanna say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for the MOTHER that YOU assigned to me. I LOVE her DEARLY for TEACHING me the GODLY WAY and just like YOUR WORD says, even while I was IN THE WORLD SINNING bcuz my MOTHER was PRAYING, YOU brought me thru. I wanna THANK YOU for HONORING my MOTHER’s PRAYERS. I wanna THANK YOU for NOT giving up on me. I wanna THANK YOU for putting it on her HEART to PUNISH & BEAT us when we NEEDED IT. It’s those BEATINGS that made me & my BROTHERS the MEN that we are today. I wanna THANK YOU for BLESSING me with 4 WONDERFUL KIDS who are very WELL BEHAVED & WELL MANNERED bcuz I’m TEACHING them the way my MOTHER taught me, THE GODLY WAY. I wanna THANK YOU for ALL the TRIBULATIONS I went thru also bcuz in THOSE TIMES YOU SHOWED me YOUR GRACE, LOVE, & SALVATION and sometimes even YOUR SUPERNATURAL POWER (like when that SUV STOPPED 4 inches from hitting me & my SON). I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU FATHER for EVERYTHING, my UPS, my DOWNS, my HIGHS, and my LOWS bcuz YOU’VE NEVER FORSAKEN me or taken me OUT OF YOUR FAVOR. I’m HUMBLED and HONORED to be a SERVANT in YOUR ARMY. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen and Amen again…………..


PROVERBS 5:22-23 : His own INIQUITIES shall take the WICKED himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his SINS. He shall DIE without instruction; and in the greatness of his FOLLY he shall go ASTRAY.

If u are NOT SAVED, then ur own EVILNESS shall soon OVERTAKE u and u will FURTHER reject GOD and HIS WORD. But in ur FOOLISH PRIDE, VAIN, SELFISH, HARDENING of ur HEART condition, the SINNER will LOSE their way. Its written and that is LAW and there is NO WAY around it. Now u know ur WAY is DOOMED without GOD, so have a NICE TRIP to the land of UNHAPPINESS and FAILURE bcuz u’re headed there VERY FAST.



1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”

I’ma say it AGAIN! If u don’t know GOD, u DON’T know LOVE and u have NEVER been in LOVE. EVERY PERSON u have told that too, except ur KIDS, U have told a LIE. ESPECIALLY on the ALTAR of GOD. This is the MAIN REASON why MARRIAGES are DOOMED off RIP. Two UNSAVED ppl declaring what they think is LOVE but it’s really LUST, that’s why it WEARS OFF. GOD says in 1 CORINTHIANS 7:13, that the PRAYERS of the SAVED person will bring the UNSAVED person across and their CHILDREN will be HOLY also.This goes for MARRIED ppl in the SAME HOUSEHOLD. Now u know that SAVED person in ur LIFE does more for u and ur SOUL than any of the SINNERS u worship. But yet they CONTINUALLY EXALT the SINNERS, for what? That SINNER doesn’t PRAY for u, but that PRAYING person is TRYING to give u LIFE. SINNERS think that ppl who give them the most money is the ones who CARE. Ask all the WOMEN who have been in ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS how TRUE this is? That MONEY brings about MANY PROBLEMS when that’s ALL u’re CHASING after. BTW u NEVER will catch it either.



PROVERBS 4:14 – Enter not into the path of the WICKED, and go not in the way of EVIL men.

This is the REASON I don’t follow in the SINNING way. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for ppl to BEFRIEND SINNERS and not become one THEMSELVES. NO MATTER what them LYING LIPS speak, GOD has told u what to do. For ex:My NaNa told me the WORST THING a MARRIED PERSON can do is keep the COMPANY of UNMARRIED ppl unless they THEMSELVES will become UNMARRIED. But when that STORY is told, I GUARANTEE u it will be the OTHER PERSON’s FAULT and NOT their OWN.

PROVERBS 4:19 – The way of the wicked is as DARKNESS: they know NOT at what they STUMBLE.

They (SINNERS) are so wrapped up doing FOOLISHNESS that they DON’T even realize it. GOD says their EYES will be OPEN but I WON’T let them see. This is the REASON they EXALT other SINNERS and put down GOD’s WORD and HIS CHILDREN. Further ENSURING their trip to HELL. Bcuz u’re NOT HURTING us, u’re HURTING GOD and if u DON’T think there’s NO PUNISHMENT for that, keep watching ur LIFE fall apart.




This is a PSA for the MARRIED ppl who CHEAT. U might as well STOP bcuz itz NOT going to work. PROVERBS 7:27) Their house is the way to HELL, going down to the chambers of DEATH). This is why I DON’T CHEAT. There is a definite PUNISHMENT for that. First off u’ve BROKEN GOD’s marriage VOWS and now u’re going to commit ADULTERY on top of it, but then u’ll wonder why EVIL THINGS keep happening to u? REALLY? U can’t possibly be that STUPID. So u might as well get a DIVORCE and not DRAG the other person into SIN with u. So every word u uttered on that ALTAR was a LIE. U don’t know LOVE, u CHERISH only yourself, and u HONOR no one. A person who is WILLING to CHEAT wit’ u, is the same person that will CHEAT on u. Those OUTSIDE RELATIONSHIPs DON’T LAST bcuz GOD doesn’t let them. HE brings them to the LIGHT, so quit trying to HIDE them. If u’re making PHONE CALLS late at nite or the wee hours in the morning, they’ll know. If u’re comin home late during the weekdays, they notice. WHATEVER u’re doing, GOD will let the other person know so u might as well DIVORCE them and QUIT wasting their TIME with ur SELFISHNESS. But the MAIN REASON they know is SIMPLE. The INSTANT u commit ADULTERY/INFIDELITY ur BEDROOM changes right then!!! And u’re FOOLING urself if u think the OTHER PERSON doesn’t notice. Don’t be STUPID all ur life. Give the OTHER PERSON what they DESERVE, FREEDOM (DIVORCE) from ur STUPIDITY and GOD will send them SOMEONE who knows how to LOVE and u can go about ur merry way and get EXACTLY what u DESERVE. Then when u get what u WANT, u will LEARN that PILLOW TALK works both ways. All u & who u’re CHEATING wit is telling each other a MOUTH FULL of LIES that sound good while u’re committing LUSTFUL ACTS. But them ADULTEROUS JACKASSES really think there is NO PUNISHMENT for that SIN. Nevermind the FACT, that they NEVER will find NO ONE to LOVE, they will LAY from pillow to post, and they will end up DROPPING their DRAWERS constantly for STRANGE WOMEN/ MEN.Something they didn’t do for their SPOUSES when they would’ve gotten BLESSED for it bcuz that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. GOD makes sure to ALLOW satan to let them have ALL the SEX they CRAVE from the outside and it’s usually DISEASED FILLED, UNSATISFYING, and DRUNKEN sex and the RELATIONSHIP is usually very ABUSIVE. But remember , u CHEATED for that bcuz that’s what u WANTED.


GOOD morning WORLD. When u PRAISE and THANK GOD for wakin’ u in the morning, there is NOT a PROBLEM satan puts before u that u CAN’T OVERCOME. The PROBLEM is that MOST ppl have too MUCH PRIDE to give GOD GLORY for ANYTHING. They really BELIEVE that they are handlin’ their PROBLEMS on their OWN, yet they DON’T pay ATTENTION to how BITTER they’ve become. Keep living ur LIVES this way and u will ALWAYS BE BITTER bcuz JESUS is JOY and if u DON’T know HIM, DON’T WORRY, u will NEVER HAVE JOY……………..Let Dat Soak In Ur MENTALS


Have u ever really PAID ATTENTION to a SHEEP?  Boring animal, isn’t it? It doesn’t do NOTHING! But are U really PAYIN’ ATTENTION to the SHEEP? It’s doing just what THE SHEPHARD told it to do…..JESUS calls us HIS sheep. And it would BEHOOVE us, to do JUST as THE SHEPHARD tells us…Let Dat Soak N UR Mentalz



In the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS is life; and in the pathway thereof there is NO DEATH.

Simply put, if u BELIEVE in GOD and JESUS CHRIST u will NEVER DIE , even after u’ve taken ur LAST BREATH on earth.