God’s Timing

Don’t rush it or get FRUSTRATED. It will all happen on GOD’S TIMING. Not a minute before or a minute too late.


Can u imagine how strong our prayer would be if we ALL AGREED BY TOUCHING (PRAYER). That would put JESUS CHRIST , in the midst, OF ALL US. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen…….



Save THY ppl and BLESS thine inheritance,feed them also, and LIFT them up FOREVER. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

That’s my PRAYER for EVERYBODY this evening. Have a BLESSED DAY.


FATHER in the name of JESUS. First and foremost, I THANK THEE for allowing me to wake this morning bcuz without that blessing everything else is a mute point. I come before THEE as an intercessor for those who don’t know how to pray to YOU. Uplift them FATHER and send YOUR ANGELS before them to make their crooked ways straight. Let YOUR lamp be the light for our feet and direct our steps. I pray for the poor and needy bcuz they are the ones closest to YOUR HEART along with the children. We desire to will YOUR will FATHER, that way we can become blameless persons and the end of those persons is PEACE. Make us to be UPRIGHT. We give all our situations to THEE. We do this FATHER to show that we have UTTERLY TRUST in THEE and not our own thinking. We THANK THEE for giving us DIVINE BLESSINGS from above and UNPRECEDENTED FAVOR which goes far and beyond anything we could ever dream or imagine. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen & Amen again.