This is the TRUE GODLY LOVE and it can ONLY come from GOD and NOWHERE ELSE. It’s NOT LUST. It DON’T make u CHASE OTHERS who are NOT ur OWN. It DON’T make u desire to have CONVERSATIONS with & try to HOOK UP wit’ OTHERS. It DON’T make u SNEAK AROUND or FLIRT wit OTHER PPL. GOD put that LOVE in u and it is THE TRUE LOVE which will ALLOW u to FORGIVE OTHERS for their TRANSGRESSIONS & SINS, no matter what they may be. Whether they commit ADULTERY, LIE, INFIDELITY, or commit some OTHER SIN u will find it in ur HEART to FORGIVE THEM. If NONE of what I said ABOVE applies to u and ur CHARACTER, then u really have some work to do in ur LIFE bcuz all u is is a LUSTER. NO MATTER the EXCUSE u give for ur ACTIONS, U are STILL just a LUSTER and U have ALWAYS BEEN a LUSTER!!!

What can I give HIM, POOR as I am

If I were a SHEPHERD, I would bring a LAMB

If I were a WISE MAN, I would do my PART

But what can I give HIM? I can give HIM my HEART…………………


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