GOOD morning FATHER GOD, GOOD morning JESUS CHRIST, GOOD morning HOLY SPIRIT. FATHER we THANK YOU for YOUR guidance and DIRECTING our steps. We know that when OUR steps are DIRECTED by YOU, WE are NEVER in the WRONG place at the WRONG time. When WE WORSHIP YOU and PRAISE YOUR KINGDOM, WE know that WE are lining OURSELVES up for a very SUCCESSFUL LIFE bcuz YOUR WORD says,”that with YOU WE have HOPE & a FUTURE ” and WE have enough WISDOM to know that without YOU, NONE of this is POSSIBLE, NO HOPE or a BRIGHT FUTURE. WE THANK YOU for FORGIVING us of our SINS & TRANSGRESSIONS, as we FORGIVE those who TRESPASS against US. WE ask for WISDOM rather than RICHES bcuz WE know that YOU supply SUFFICIENCY in all things that WE do. WE patiently WAIT for YOU bcuz we know that YOU are lining up things up in OUR FAVOR. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

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