This is a TRULY HEARTFELT PRAYER this morning FATHER bcuz I LOST someone who was close to me. I come before YOU with a HEAVY HEART but SOUND MIND. I wanna PRAY for my “LIL BRUTHA” who’s no longer with us. And although we weren’t BORN of the same MOTHER, YOU are still BOTH of our FATHER. I pray that YOU give his fiance the STRENGTH to carry on his LEGACY, which was GREAT FATHER, GREAT MAN, and I pray that she CONTINUES raising their kids as he was doing. FATHER I pray that YOU take the guns outta the hand of the ENEMY, but I also THANK THEE for JUSTICE in bringing his KILLERS to the judicial system. FATHER I know that JUSTICE will be SERVED bcuz YOU are a GOD of JUSTICE. FATHER I know that THESE are the LAST DAYS and we NEED YOU more than ever. Continue to FILL our homes with YOUR UNDYING LOVE and continue to COVER us in YOUR BLOOD. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen……….

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