FATHER I give all praise unto THEE and ONLY THEE for YOU are The ONLY ONE worthy of this type of PRAISE. I THANK THEE for giving me a clean mind UNCLUTTERED with the FILTHINESS of satan. I THANK THEE FATHER for making satan and his minions as FOOTSTOOLS beneath our FEET as YOU said YOU would do. I THANK THEE for RESTORATION & HEALING. I THANK THEE for sending YOUR ANGELS before me to make ALL my CROOKED ways STRAIGHT. I THANK THEE for taking my once HARDENED HEART and making it a HEART that is now filled with COMPASSION & AGAPE LOVE, even for those who WISH HATRED against me. I FORGIVE them FATHER for their TRESPASSES against me so I can be FORGIVEN of my SINS & TRESPASSES against YOU. I THANK THEE FATHER for being my PROVIDER and SUFFICIENCY in ALL THINGS. And although to an UNSAVED PERSON it APPEARS that I DON’T have much bcuz I DON’T have a lot of MATERIAL THINGS, I have MORE than they have. I have IT ALL bcuz I have YOU, FATHER. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

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