Today FATHER I just wanna say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for the MOTHER that YOU assigned to me. I LOVE her DEARLY for TEACHING me the GODLY WAY and just like YOUR WORD says, even while I was IN THE WORLD SINNING bcuz my MOTHER was PRAYING, YOU brought me thru. I wanna THANK YOU for HONORING my MOTHER’s PRAYERS. I wanna THANK YOU for NOT giving up on me. I wanna THANK YOU for putting it on her HEART to PUNISH & BEAT us when we NEEDED IT. It’s those BEATINGS that made me & my BROTHERS the MEN that we are today. I wanna THANK YOU for BLESSING me with 4 WONDERFUL KIDS who are very WELL BEHAVED & WELL MANNERED bcuz I’m TEACHING them the way my MOTHER taught me, THE GODLY WAY. I wanna THANK YOU for ALL the TRIBULATIONS I went thru also bcuz in THOSE TIMES YOU SHOWED me YOUR GRACE, LOVE, & SALVATION and sometimes even YOUR SUPERNATURAL POWER (like when that SUV STOPPED 4 inches from hitting me & my SON). I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU FATHER for EVERYTHING, my UPS, my DOWNS, my HIGHS, and my LOWS bcuz YOU’VE NEVER FORSAKEN me or taken me OUT OF YOUR FAVOR. I’m HUMBLED and HONORED to be a SERVANT in YOUR ARMY. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen and Amen again…………..


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