PROVERBS 4:14 – Enter not into the path of the WICKED, and go not in the way of EVIL men.

This is the REASON I don’t follow in the SINNING way. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for ppl to BEFRIEND SINNERS and not become one THEMSELVES. NO MATTER what them LYING LIPS speak, GOD has told u what to do. For ex:My NaNa told me the WORST THING a MARRIED PERSON can do is keep the COMPANY of UNMARRIED ppl unless they THEMSELVES will become UNMARRIED. But when that STORY is told, I GUARANTEE u it will be the OTHER PERSON’s FAULT and NOT their OWN.

PROVERBS 4:19 – The way of the wicked is as DARKNESS: they know NOT at what they STUMBLE.

They (SINNERS) are so wrapped up doing FOOLISHNESS that they DON’T even realize it. GOD says their EYES will be OPEN but I WON’T let them see. This is the REASON they EXALT other SINNERS and put down GOD’s WORD and HIS CHILDREN. Further ENSURING their trip to HELL. Bcuz u’re NOT HURTING us, u’re HURTING GOD and if u DON’T think there’s NO PUNISHMENT for that, keep watching ur LIFE fall apart.



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