This is a PSA for the MARRIED ppl who CHEAT. U might as well STOP bcuz itz NOT going to work. PROVERBS 7:27) Their house is the way to HELL, going down to the chambers of DEATH). This is why I DON’T CHEAT. There is a definite PUNISHMENT for that. First off u’ve BROKEN GOD’s marriage VOWS and now u’re going to commit ADULTERY on top of it, but then u’ll wonder why EVIL THINGS keep happening to u? REALLY? U can’t possibly be that STUPID. So u might as well get a DIVORCE and not DRAG the other person into SIN with u. So every word u uttered on that ALTAR was a LIE. U don’t know LOVE, u CHERISH only yourself, and u HONOR no one. A person who is WILLING to CHEAT wit’ u, is the same person that will CHEAT on u. Those OUTSIDE RELATIONSHIPs DON’T LAST bcuz GOD doesn’t let them. HE brings them to the LIGHT, so quit trying to HIDE them. If u’re making PHONE CALLS late at nite or the wee hours in the morning, they’ll know. If u’re comin home late during the weekdays, they notice. WHATEVER u’re doing, GOD will let the other person know so u might as well DIVORCE them and QUIT wasting their TIME with ur SELFISHNESS. But the MAIN REASON they know is SIMPLE. The INSTANT u commit ADULTERY/INFIDELITY ur BEDROOM changes right then!!! And u’re FOOLING urself if u think the OTHER PERSON doesn’t notice. Don’t be STUPID all ur life. Give the OTHER PERSON what they DESERVE, FREEDOM (DIVORCE) from ur STUPIDITY and GOD will send them SOMEONE who knows how to LOVE and u can go about ur merry way and get EXACTLY what u DESERVE. Then when u get what u WANT, u will LEARN that PILLOW TALK works both ways. All u & who u’re CHEATING wit is telling each other a MOUTH FULL of LIES that sound good while u’re committing LUSTFUL ACTS. But them ADULTEROUS JACKASSES really think there is NO PUNISHMENT for that SIN. Nevermind the FACT, that they NEVER will find NO ONE to LOVE, they will LAY from pillow to post, and they will end up DROPPING their DRAWERS constantly for STRANGE WOMEN/ MEN.Something they didn’t do for their SPOUSES when they would’ve gotten BLESSED for it bcuz that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. GOD makes sure to ALLOW satan to let them have ALL the SEX they CRAVE from the outside and it’s usually DISEASED FILLED, UNSATISFYING, and DRUNKEN sex and the RELATIONSHIP is usually very ABUSIVE. But remember , u CHEATED for that bcuz that’s what u WANTED.

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