THIS is the MAIN REASON a lot of ppl , DON’T, get blessed by GOD. DELAYED OBEDIENCE. It’s when GOD tells u to do something, and u do it, but u DON’T DO IT when GOD tells u to do it, u put it it off TIL LATER. If GOD leads u to read the Bible at 8 o’clock and u DON’T DO IT til 10 o’clock. Yea u did it, but u did it when u got ready. THERE’s NO BLESSING IN THAT!!! BUT the OTHER PERSON GOD told the EXACT SAME THING, did it when HE said do it and they got that BLESSING bcuz they OBEYED. I see this a lot with the YOUTH of this generation. U ask them to do something at 9 and they DON’T MOVE til 3. In my MOMMA’s,(NaNa) house, if she asked u at 8, by 8:05, either u was  DONE doing it or u’d BETTER be doing it bcuz the LICK was COMIN’. That’s the PROBLEM wit’ this YOUNG GENERATION, not enough of them are gettin THE LICKS. SPARE the rod, SPOIL the child. The only thing that leads to is DISOBEDIENCE and LAZINESS bcuz there is NO RETRIBUTION for their acts…….In other words, THEY DON’T GET HIT NO MO’……….

PSA for satan’s minions

Here’s something satan’s minions DON’T KNOW. The WORST u treat a Child of GOD, the BIGGER the BLESSING the CHILD of GOD gets and the BIGGER the PUNISHMENT the minion gets. Keep right on thinkin’ u’re being SMART and BIGGOTY by being NASTY when all u’re really doin’ is setting urself up for a BIG FALL. Now when the FALL starts happening, watch and see how many of the OTHER MINIONS love u enough to PRAY FOR UR SOUL and watch the CHILD OF GOD continue PRAYING for u bcuz they’ve NEVER STOPPED, even while u was treating them like they was BENEATH u………….


GOOD morning WORLD. When u PRAISE and THANK GOD for wakin’ u in the morning, there is NOT a PROBLEM satan puts before u that u CAN’T OVERCOME. The PROBLEM is that MOST ppl have too MUCH PRIDE to give GOD GLORY for ANYTHING. They really BELIEVE that they are handlin’ their PROBLEMS on their OWN, yet they DON’T pay ATTENTION to how BITTER they’ve become. Keep living ur LIVES this way and u will ALWAYS BE BITTER bcuz JESUS is JOY and if u DON’T know HIM, DON’T WORRY, u will NEVER HAVE JOY……………..Let Dat Soak In Ur MENTALS


I LOVE it when ppl DISLIKE ME. All u do is give me AMMUNITION when I PRAY to GOD. I take ur HATE and use it to my BENEFIT. Now let’s see if u can stop HATIN’ me bcuz u know I’m BENEFITTIN’ from it??? That would be a GOOD TRICK bcuz the BIBLE I read, says ONLY GOD can do that……….

It’s ANUTHA beautiful day today. Have u said ur PRAYERS yet or did u get up wit’ satatn on ur mind? And act as if GOD owes u sumtin’ and we ALL should be glad u’re HERE on EARTH wit’ us? If this was ur FOOLISH THINKING when u awoke this morning, then u REALLY need JESUS to come into ur life bcuz GOD’s PLAN is MUCH BIGGER than u and ur FOOLISH THINKING!!!!

Puttin’ Off Til Tomorrow

There are so many ppl who PUT GOD off til tomorrow like they know they’re going to be here tomorrow. Don’t NOBODY know that and that’s a very FOOLISH way to live ur life. Let’s say u PUT OFF gettin’ saved today until TOMORROW. But what if GOD calls u home today? Then what? Well here’s ONE THING u can count on. GOD is NOT going to PUT OFF sendin’ ur SOUL to HELL til tomorrow……..U Better Get Ready For It

GOD is such a WONDERFUL GOD. HE really makes u be at PEACE with urself, NO MATTER how FOOLISH others around u ACT. In PROVERBS, GOD tells us , to HIS CHILDREN ( the RIGHTEOUS) the WICKED ( UNSAVED) will ALWAYS be an ABOMINATION to them. So when u say something really FOOLISH to a CHILD of GOD, now u KNOW WHY they just LOOK at u the way they do…………….Soak Dat Up