If u are a FOLLOWER of JESUS CHRIST, then u are the SALT of earth. NOT bcuz u think so and NOT bcuz u FEEL like u should be ( that’s FOOLISH PRIDE) but u are bcuz JESUS CHRIST said u are. And when u are CHOSEN by JESUS, bcuz it’s NOT by our own choosing, that is the EXACT MOMENT that u become IMPACTFUL to everyone around u. And when those “SINNERS” around u try to BELITTLE u and LESSEN the person that u have become, then that’s the REAL definition of “HATING”. NOT what the SINNER perceives “HATING” to be bcuz the SINNER thinks HATING is when somebody talks bad about them, naw that’s just their FOOLISH PRIDE. But when the SINNER talks BAD about who JESUS has chosen, that’s real HATRED bcuz the ONLY WAY that u will EVER see the FATHER is thru THE SON. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! So my advice to the “HATERS” is quit “HATIN” bcuz it is surely one of the BEST ways to go to HELL!!!


I am DETERMINED to walk in the PATH that GOD has set before me. I CANNOT worry about those who DON’T want to take the WALK. But I am just as DETERMINED to NOT go to HELL as a SINNER is just as DETERMINED to NOT go the way of The LORD. I will not let NOTHING and NO ONE make me stray from The DESTINY GOD has chosen for me, just as my mother (NaNa) didn’t let ANYONE make her go astray. HELL is not for me and I am going to make sure that my FEET don’t land there. None of us know the TIME or the DAY that The LORD will call us HOME but a LOT of ppl live like they do. I’ve LIVED the SINNER’s life to the FULLEST and believe me, I LOVE the SAVED life a whole lot better and I have NO INTENTION of ever BACKSLIDING. I am truly one person who doesn’t CARE what ppl SAY or THINK bcuz what they EAT don’t make me POOP. Ppl’s OPINION is just like a BUTTHOLE, everybody got one.  The BIBLE tells us DON’T put off for TOMORROW that which we can do today, for TOMORROW is not PROMISED to any of us.

Merciful God


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The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” – 2 Peter 3:9

Did you know Methuselah lived to be 969 years old? And God had a very good reason for letting him live to be that old. The reason Methuselah lived so long was not that he had good genes but that God had great mercy. Why?

The name “Methuselah” means “When he is gone, it will come.” The “it” refers to The Flood. And according to the Word of God, The Flood came exactly the day that Methuselah died. God kept letting him live and live because God didn’t want anybody to perish in that flood. God kept giving one more opportunity and one more chance. He is “not willing that any should perish…

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In the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS is life; and in the pathway thereof there is NO DEATH.

Simply put, if u BELIEVE in GOD and JESUS CHRIST u will NEVER DIE , even after u’ve taken ur LAST BREATH on earth.


Our FATHER, we ask Thee to take our lives and put them on HIND’s FEET and elevate us to our highest places. We ask Thee to purge us of our SINS and make us white as snow. And to prosper us in all that we put our hands to which is RIGHTEOUS. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.


Our FATHER, we come into Your courts with sound minds and a humble HEART. We ask Thee, O’ FATHER, for the HEALTH and STRENGTH that will enable us to serve Thee and never fail Thee. We ask You for our BLESSINGS and NOT false gods and idols because we KNOW that there is NOTHING UNHEAVENLY or UNSPIRITUAL in GOD’s KINGDOM In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen.


Here’s some of the ways that u know someone has FOOLISH PRIDE

When they WAKE in the morning and the first thing they DON’T say is, Thank You LORD / JESUS.

If MOST of their sentences start with the words I, ME, and MY.

If u NEVER hear them say, Thank You JESUS for anything.


If they NEVER say, I’m sorry.

If they’re ALWAYS talkin’ crazy about SAVED PEOPLE.

If u NEVER see them read a BIBLE.

If they LOVE to BRAG about what they’ve got & accomplished rather than give GOD the glory.

When they give someone a COMPLIMENT but there’s always a BUT behind it. For ex: U look nice today BUT I would’ve wore different shoes with that outfit or that’s a nice car BUT I would’ve got a different color.

Whenever they have TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS instead of saying, Thank You JESUS, they would rather B#*#H, MOAN, and COMPLAIN. GOD is more interested in how u go thru rather than what u go thru.

All of this is FOOLISH PRIDE and nothing else. QUIT lettin’ the devil trick u.

CHANGE brings about CHANGE

GOD gives us all CHANCES. HE wants the BEST for all of us, but a LOT of ppl DON’T want the BEST for themselves. They would rather continue to do things their way no matter how many times their way FAILS. They DON’T wanna heed NO WORD GOD sends their way. They would rather WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS than the GOD who knew them before they were even born. And for some reason they really think they are HURTING the CHILD of GOD. They are NOT HURTING the CHILD of GOD by not listening or believing GOD’s WORD bcuz that CHILD of GOD gets rewarded just for delivering GOD’s WORD. In the meantime they CONTINUE to tread water instead of swimming. My NaNa always told me, ” If things DON’T change, then things DON’T change”. U can either hope for the BEST or u can TRUST GOD for the BEST. Me personally, I TRUST in GOD for the BEST bcuz His WORD tells us that HE has no plans to harm those that believe in Him. I like swimming bcuz I hate dog paddling. I will NEVER tell NO ONE how to live their life bcuz that’s NOT my WORRY. JESUS tells us, “Don’t WORRY or be ANXIOUS about nothing” and that’s just the way I live. I turn every SITUATION over to GOD and let Him fight my battles. If I didn’t know any better, I think there are quite a few ppl who are UPSET that I got SAVED. I know the devil is but I DON’T CARE nothing bout that FOOL nor do I worry about his MINIONS ( those who worship satan by NOT getting SAVED). Yes u are a MINION bcuz if u DON’T WORSHIP GOD then u do WORSHIP satan. What do u think, that u are the BOSS? NEVER THAT!!! Either u WORK for GOD or u WORK for satan, but u are NEVER the BOSS, DON’T get it TWISTED……………Oh BTW, if GOD’s WORDS pierces ur SOUL and stings, then apparently u AIN’T LIVING RIGHT..