The ONLY WAY to have PEACE of MIND is to know and ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST as ur SAVIOUR. That is it my friend. Plz QUIT trying to do it urself bcuz that will NEVER work. U are fighting a LOSING BATTLE and all that’s going to do is cause others around u to be UNHAPPY. Ur way IS NOT THE WAY. GOD tells u that ALL throughout The BIBLE. READ The BIBLE and u will understand that. GOD already tells us, there is a WAY THAT SEEMS right to a MAN but the END of that WAY is DEATH & DESTRUCTION! What is SO HARD to understand about that? UR WAY IS NOT THE WAY…… U are NOT SMARTER than GOD, so QUIT trying to be. Ur IGNORANCE toward GOD and His WORD is not only FOOLISH but it is DOWNRIGHT DISRESPECTFUL toward ur CREATOR who made u. Ur FATHER & MOTHER did NOT make u, they only CONCEIVED u into this world. The BIBLE tells u that GOD knew u BEFORE U WERE BORN! The SINNER does NOT understand GOD’s WAY is the ONLY WAY. It is so very SIMPLE, GOD’s scripture tells u,”with ME(GOD) you have HOPE and a FUTURE, without ME (GOD) you have NO HOPE and NO FUTURE. For I (GOD) know the PLANS I  have for you”. To PROSPER you and NOT harm you. JEREMIAH 29: 11-13…..When u are DETERMINED to do it ur way instead of GOD’s WAY, u are ONLY SETTING URSELF UP FOR DEFINITE FAILURE. satan DOES NOT have the POWER to BLESS ANYONE. As a MATTER OF FACT, satan has to ask GOD for PERMISSION to even TEMPT YOU, why do you think the scripture says, “I will NOT suffer u to be TEMPTED more than you can bear” (1 CORINTHIANS 10-13). That SAME HEART that u are RESISTING GOD’s WAY with is that SAME HEART that GOD created The PIT of HELL for. Yes GOD created THE PIT of HELL, satan just LIVES THERE bcuz that’s where GOD BANISHED him to. SINNERS worship satan who has NO POWER, why do u think GOD calls SINNERS, FOOLS? Pick up a BIBLE and READ it, it’s all there 1189 Chapters. If u can read the GOSSIP columns, Terry McMillan’s books, Iceberg Slim, the NEWSPAPERs, the HOROSCOPE, etc.,etc.,etc., then it SHOULDN’T be too hard for u to feed ur SOUL some GOOD SOUL FOOD from The BIBLE….


I’ve EXPLAINED this before and ppl STILL DON’T get it!!!! The ONLY WAY, the ONLY WAY, ANY MARRIAGE will succeed is if BOTH of u are SAVED. That’s the ONLY WAY, there is NO other way regardless of what u THINK. If one is SAVED and the other is NOT, then u are UNEVENLY YOKED bcuz The BIBLE (GOD) says u are. That’s simply bcuz the one who is SAVED is in this world but NOT of this world bcuz JESUS tells u that. Therefore WORLDLY things are of NO IMPORTANCE to them. The one who is NOT SAVED is in this WORLD and therefore WORLDLY THINGS are of GREAT IMPORTANCE to them. That’s what makes u UNEVENLY YOKED. If BOTH of u are UNSAVED, then that MARRIAGE is DOOMED from the start and that’s bcuz u BOTH LIED on the ALTAR of GOD bcuz u BOTH DON’T KNOW what LOVE is. GOD is LOVE. NEITHER of u know GOD, therefore u don’t have ANY WISDOM, regardless of what u think bcuz the BEGINNING of WISDOM is the FEAR of GOD. U CANNOT LIE to GOD and stay married bcuz GOD PONDERS the HEART and NOT ur WORDS. Any DECEPTION in ur HEART, GOD will show the person who’s SAVED bcuz that’s His way of PROTECTING His Children, that’s why it’s called The Armor of GOD (EPHESIANS 6:10-18). My ADVICE to the UNSAVED person is read that SCRIPTURE and ask GOD for DISCERNMENT and then u will get a  BETTER UNDERSTANDING of why u CANNOT get away with NOTHING!!!!! It’s THAT SIMPLE and u DON’T NEED a PhD to understand that……..


For there is not a JUST MAN upon EARTH, that doeth good, and SINNETH not. ( ECCLESIASTES 7:20)

GOD says WE ALL fall short of His GLORY everyday and here’s the PROOF. So to ALL the UNSAVED ppl who wait for SAVED ppl to make a MISTAKE so they can CRITICIZE them, this USUALLY happens to us when one of u UNSAVED HEATHENS say something to one of us CHILDREN of GOD. Bcuz there are a LOT of u UNSAVED HEATHENS that I wouldn’t like NOTHING MORE than to KNOCK FIRE out of u when u say something STUPID and FOOLISH but JESUS tells us to turn the other cheek.


U know there are a LOT of ppl who wanna live life their way and give their WHOLE HEART to satan and when u MENTION GOD to them, they’ll tell u I don’t wanna HEAR about that. Well on JUDGEMENT DAY, when GOD ask u about the way u lived, here on EARTH, the MINUTE u get ready to OPEN ur mouth and give an EXCUSE, GOD will cut u SHORT and tell u HE DON’T wanna HEAR about that and then JESUS will say, ” I DO NOT KNOW YOU” and the ONLY THING after those WORDS is ETERNAL LIFE in HELL. So if u’re one of those I’m gonna do it MY WAY kind of ppl, the FLAMES in HELL never burn out, so u might as well GET USE TO IT………


Yesterday I heard a TEENAGER say to his friend, I’ma BALL til I FALL and when I’m finished ballin’ then I’ma get SAVED. My question to that MISGUIDED TEEN is, “what if GOD decides to make u FALL in the next 10 minutes, then what?

HELL is FULL of ppl who thought they would get SAVED later………


If u enter ANY CONTEST and u don’t WIN and u start sayin’, I should have WON bcuz I know MINE was the best REGARDLESS of what u THINK, U ARE FULL OF PRIDE. IDC how u try to slice that pie, u are a very PRIDEFUL PERSON. And then when someone tries to TELL u that u are speakin’ from a place of PRIDE and u call them ARGUMENTATIVE, that is comin’ from a place of PRIDE also bcuz PRIDE is stopping u from being CORRECTED and then when u hang up the phone just to make sure that u get the LAST WORD in, that is comin’ from a place of PRIDE ALSO. U are caught up in ur FEELINGS and when someone DON’T AGREE wit’ u, then I HATE to tell u but that is FOOLISH PRIDE and that’s ALL it is. U’re too PROUD to LOSE, u’re too PROUD to LISTEN, and bcuz that person don’t agree wit u, u call them ARGUMENTATIVE instead of ACCEPTING THE FACT that u’re FULL OF PRIDE bcuz EVERY ACTION u just done was a PROUDFUL ACTION and all u keep saying is, I, I, I,… If that’s NOT PRIDE, and FOOLISH PRIDE at that, then maybe I have the DEFINITION WRONG……..I’ll tell u this tho’, there’s a SCRIPTURE that says, “there is a way that seems right to a man but the end of that path is DEATH and DESTRUCTION thereof “. So KEEP thinking u’re NOT PRIDEFUL bcuz GOD just told u, u was. And IF u DON’T BELIEVE that, then GUESS what it is that’s stopping u from believing the WORD of GOD……..FOOLISH PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same The LORD’s name is to be PRAISED. (Psalms 113:3)

That means when u wake in the morning, PRAISE GOD. When u can HEAR, PRAISE GOD. When u can SEE, PRAISE GOD. When u can WALK, PRAISE GOD. When u can TALK, PRAISE GOD. When u turn the IGNITION & the car CRANKS, PRAISE GOD. When u can punch in for WORK, PRAISE GOD. When u punch OUT, PRAISE GOD. When u can pay ur BILLS, PRAISE GOD. When u put FOOD on the TABLE, PRAISE GOD. When u have SETBACKS, PRAISE GOD. In EVERYTHING u do, from the LEAST to the GREATEST, PRAISE GOD. Bcuz we should all REMEMBER, there is an ALTERNATIVE for EVERY one of these THINGS and bcuz we’re NOT going thru that ALTERNATIVE, we should  PRAISE GOD………….