Our FATHER, help me to SEE the TRUE LOVELINESS of LOVE. May I SEEK and CHERISH it as the greatest thing in the world. And FATHER may I express it in the MOST BEAUTIFUL ways that I am capable of, so that it may bring JOY to OTHERS. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen. 

LOVE suffereth long, and is KIND; LOVE envieth not; LOVE vaunteth not ITSELF, LOVE is not PUFFED UP, doth NOT behave itself UNSEEMLY, SEEKETH NOT HER OWN, is NOT easily PROVOKED, thinketh NO EVIL; rejoiceth NOT in INIQUITY, but rejoiceth in TRUTH. ( 1st Corinthians 13:4-6)

“Seeketh not her OWN”, He’s talking about  IMMORAL RELATIONSHIPS………………..

Misguided Thinking

A LOT of ppl THINK they can LIVE how they wanna LIVE and they’ll GET SAVED later. That’s a very BAD IDEA! As a matter of fact, I will call it the STUPIDEST IDEA u’ve ever had!!! Why the MISGUIDED THINKER asks? I’ll tell u why. I’ll give u an analogy that u will understand. If U only had ONE HOUR to live, who would u call and what would u say? Well why haven’t u made that call YET? The NEXT HOUR is not PROMISED to any of us……………Let Dat Marinate

Not Measuring Up


Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. —1 Corinthians 15:58

It is good to come to the understanding that while God wants us to be holy and Spiritfilled, He does not expect us to look like Abraham or to play the harp like David or to have the same spiritual insight given to Paul.

All of those former heroes of the faith are dead. You are alive in your generation. A Bible proverb says that it is better to be a living dog than a dead lion. You may wish to be Abraham or Isaac or Jacob, but remember that they have been asleep for long centuries, and you are still around! You can witness for your Lord today. You can still pray. You can still give…

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Transgression is Forgiven, Sin is Covered

This is a POWERFUL MESSAGE Bruh. I gotta reblog this one.


Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Psalm 32:1.

That God who marks the fall of a sparrow, marks your deportment and your feelings; He marks your envy, your prejudice, your attempt to justify your action in the least matter of injustice. When you misconceive the words and acts of another, and your own feelings are stirred, so that you make incorrect statements, and it is known that you are at variance with your brother, you lead others, through their confidence in you, to regard him just as you do; and by the root of bitterness springing up, many are defiled. When it is evident that your feelings are incorrect, do you try just as diligently to remove the erroneous impressions as you did to make them? …

Now God requires that you who have thus done the least injustice to another shall confess your fault, not…

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First OFF, GOD is so  MERCIFUL that He sent His only begotten son in The WORLD to die for our SINS. That is the ULTIMATE act of LOVE bcuz if GOD came to us and asked us to do the SAME, MOST of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. He wakes us EVERYDAY so we can see the wonders of His Works. He also gives us FREE WILL and YET, even tho’ ppl understand THIS, They will STILL HARDEN their HEARTS towards GOD and His WORD. Then they look surprised when things don’t go right in their own lives. They’re NOT SUPPOSED to go right bcuz u’re NOT giving GOD nothing to make ur life go right. Now if u THINK u’re gonna make it without GOD then let me drop this NUGGET in ur MEMBRANE. It’s NOT gonna HAPPEN!!! GOD tells u in the Bible, “with Me you have HOPE and a FUTURE, without Me you have NO HOPE and NO FUTURE”. So those of u who are UNSAVED and STILL wondering what u are, let’s see, LOST, DOOMED, HELLBOUND, ALWAYS BITTER, FULL of LUST, VAIN, PRIDEFUL, FOOLISH in THOUGHT, CAPABLE of committing ALL SIN, WHOREMONGERER, GOSSIPER, TALEBEARER, FALSE WITNESS, and always trying to EXALT ur UNSAVED heathen friends over CHILDREN of GOD!!! UNSAVED ppl are so FULL of PRIDE that it is BENEATH THEM to glorify GOD’s KINGDOM in any way. Nevermind the FACT, that HE’s the REASON why u’re standing here on EARTH in the first place. So REALLY, u are NOTHING more than an UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF FLESH…Now u know….


Our FATHER, I come to You with a humble and a contrite heart. I stand in Your Presence on behalf of those who are misunderstood, I stand before You as an intercessor for those who wanna pray to You, but don’t know how, and I stand before You on behalf of the poor and needy. Open the doors only You can open and shut the others so NO MAN can open them. Keep us all in Your PERFECT WILL, change our hearts and continually change our ways.Cover our minds with the helmet of SALVATION so that we will know the wiles of the devil when he tries to attack our minds, give us the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS to cover and protect our hearts. Let all my WORKS and WORDS be Heavenly in nature and I pray that whatever I put my hands to will always be PROSPEROUS and does not cause me GRIEF. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.

Love Never Fails

Run With It

8/20/12: It is difficult for me to read this passage of scripture without coming under the conviction of the Holy Spirit in one way or another. I am always growing in this area of learning to love others with God’s love. God has gifted all of his children with spiritual gifts, but if they are not motivated by love, then they are just noise. Or, if the gifts are motivated by love, but we are guilty of not loving others in the process of using our gifts, then it amounts to nothing. I want to love others with God’s love and not have my gifts accounted for nothing, or to be just noise because they are not exercised in love. Help me Jesus to love like you love.

Love Never Fails / An Original Work / August 20, 2012
Based off 1 Corinthians 13 NIV

If I speak
With tongues…

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God Is on Our Side


Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul. PSALM 71:13

It was a gracious revelation to my human spirit when I discovered that the Word of God was actually on my side, operating in my behalf!

I was reading Psalm 71 and I came to this amazing statement: “Thou hast given commandment to save me!” (71:3). My heart has been warmed with that realization ever since. I believe that the Word of the living God has gone throughout all the earth to save me and keep me! Let the theological experts raise their eyebrows—I do not care! The living Word has charged Himself with responsibility to forgive, to cleanse and to keep me!

Let us not be guilty of underrating the Word of God operating on our behalf. I dare to say that there is not an uncontrolled stroke or force anywhere in all of God’s…

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Prayer of Faith: Authority of God’s Family


Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit… for all saints. Ephesians 6:18

Do you think the Christian Church genuinely believes God’s promises that He will respond to our prayers raised to Him in true faith?

This matter of prayer really bears in on the great privileges of the common people, the children of God. No matter what our stature or status, we have the authority in the family of God to pray the prayer of faith, that prayer that can engage the heart of God and that can meet God’s conditions of spiritual life and victory.

Our consideration of the power and efficacy of prayer enters into the question of why we are a Christian congregation and what we are striving to be and do.

Are we just going around and around—like a religious merry-go-round? Are we just holding on to the painted mane of the painted…

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Giving Jesus First Place


Philippians 2:9-11

When Christ has first place in our lives, we will experience many blessings. These include . . .

A quiet spirit. As we turn our attention to the Lord and meditate on His Word, He “leads [us] beside quiet waters,” where we find rest for our souls (Ps. 23:2). The Holy Spirit will help us shut out the noise of worldly distractions so He can provide assurance of our Father’s love and support. With a quieted heart and mind, we will be able to discern what God is saying to us.

A stronger faith. Studying Scripture will enlarge our view of God and give us insight and direction. Reading how the Lord has helped others, we will gain confidence that He is at our side, enabling us to meet life’s demands. Our faith will grow as we follow His direction and watch how He works on our behalf.

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