Our Heavenly FATHER, empty me of SELF and fill me with THEE, In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.

Another simple prayer that ppl can say ALL DAY and ALL NITE.



If these LITTLE WORDS are not part of ur EVERYDAY VOCABULARY, then u r a BLESSING to NO ONE!!! These are all LITTLE WORDS that RELEASES BLESSINGS in some one else’s LIFE. If u don’t say these LITTLE WORDS constantly, then 9 times out of 10 u are a SELF-CENTERED, VERY SELFISH, UNCARING, FULL OF VANITY, and very PROUD-HEARTED individual who NEVER CARES about others welfare but ur OWN…………….But here’s the BAD NEWS for u, U will ALWAYS be BITTER and u will NEVER get a BLESSING bcuz u DON’T want nobody else to get one. If U think that’s a LIE, then get down on ur KNEES RIGHT NOW and PRAY for somebody else. I BETCHA u CAN’T DO IT and be SINCERE about it!!! And if u r in a RELATIONSHIP and u NEVER say these LITTLE WORDS to ur SPOUSE, u might as well let that OTHER PERSON go bcuz u’re just using them to HELP U PAY BILLS bcuz it’s APPARENT that u DON’T LOVE or CARE for them bcuz u’re too busy trying to get ACCEPTANCE outside of ur RELATIONSHIP……………….Th, Th, Th, That’s All Folks.

My MIND’s I View:

U ever noticed how u walk around saying Thank You JESUS for every little thing but don’t know why? Think about how MANY TIMES u’ve been DRIVING and SOMEBODY pulls out in FRONT of u and u NARROWLY MISS from HITTING THEM….Now u know where ALL them Thank You, JESUS’ get stored and then REDISPOSED AGAIN for your use……GOD is so AWESOME in  the way HE uses His WORD.


1 John 4:7–Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 9 This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE IF U DON’T KNOW GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s RIGHT THERE

UNSAVED PPL whenever u get on GOD’s ALTAR, and perform ur WEDDING VOWS, when that pastor gets to the part where it says,” to LOVE, HONOR, and CHERISH”, u have just TOLD a BOLDFACE LIE on the ALTAR OF GOD. How can u LOVE if u DON’T KNOW GOD??? This is the MAIN REASON MARRIAGES FAIL!!! DON’T believe that crap about SEX. It’s bcuz u have WILLINGLY DESECRATED GOD’S marriage vows and the ONLY WAY u can CLEANSE that SIN is to GET SAVED. OTHERWISE ur DIVORCE PAPERS have already been SIGNED, SEALED, and DELIVERED….


The GREATEST EVIDENCE that we have, that JESUS CHRIST is alive is the MIRACLES of HEALING. GOD loves to RESTORE us when we have been BROKEN. Think about this, How POWERFUL do u have to be, that if someone TOUCHES ur CLOTHES, they are INSTANTLY HEALED of any AFFLICTIONS?

I’ve NEVER heard of satan being able to do that. NEVER NOT EVEN ONCE !!! YET the FOOLISH SINNER serves satan SO WILLINGLY and with ALL THEIR HEART. REGARDLESS of what the SINNER thinks, u CAN’T have LOVE and HATRED in ur HEART at the SAME TIME.


I am NEVER in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME, bcuz GOD orders all my FOOTSTEPS. So if u SEE me anywhere, that’s where I’m supposed to be at the time u SEE me. So DON’T make no calls thinking u’re TELLING SOMETHING on me bcuz I know why GOD sent me there and ALL the devil did was send u there to try to cause STRIFE in someone else’s LIFE….

TALEBEARERS, GOSSIPERS, & STRIFE CAUSERS u all eat MISERY for dinner and drink FOOLISHNESS to QUENCH ur THIRST . Why do u think ur LIVES are so TORMENTED and TORTURED? And that CHILD of GOD that u HATE, barely even knows u EXIST. GOD don’t even let us think about y’all or what u’re doing. HE takes care of our BATTLES and I BET MY LIFE a SINNER has NEVER WON that fight………………NOW go, run, tell it to satan and be the FOOLISH FLUNKY that he wants u to be.


Just bcuz u are a GOOD WOMAN, that DOES NOT make u a GREAT WIFE or even a GOOD WIFE for that matter. The ONLY WAY that u will ever become a GREAT WIFE is thru GOD. So if u DON’T have JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOUR and GOD as your SALVATION, now u know u’re just ANOTHER WOMAN & ANOTHER WIFE and your MARRIAGE is headed for a CERTAIN FAILURE.

I just DON’T UNDERSTAND what part of when GOD says in The Bible, ” with ME u have HOPE and a FUTURE, without ME u have NO HOPE and NO FUTURE “. GOD is talking about EVERYTHING u do in LIFE, even ur RELATIONSHIPS. LADIES if u DON’T have GOD or DON’T wanna receive GOD, then all u are is a wannabe RUTH, who’s training BOAZ’s, to be with a MORE DESERVING RUTH………………………


They (SINNERS) only consult to cast him down from his excellency: they delight in their LIES. They bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. Selah.   Psalms 62:4

This is how GOD describes SINNERS in The Bible. He’s telling us that whenever u see a bunch of SINNERS gathered together, there is NOTHING GOOD that’s coming out of that. NOTHING good whatsoever. They only get together to CAST A GOOD PERSON DOWN. They will LIE on u bcuz that is what they’re PLOTTING. They will tell u to have a BLESSED DAY when they know in their HEARTS, they mean the EXACT OPPOSITE. SINNERS will dedicate their lives to bringing RIGHTEOUS PPL down. They will spend a great deal of TIME trying to PROVE GOD’s CHILDREN wrong so they can say, Aha Aha look I told u he wasn’t PERFECT. NONE of us are!!! O thou FOOLISH SINNER, no man that walks this earth is PERFECT. GOD says EVERYONE falls short of His Glory EVERYDAY, that includes the SAVED and THE UNSAVED. So what the SINNER is really searching for is JUSTIFICATION. Something to JUSTIFY their FOOLISH TALK and their FOOLISH WAY of living. So while the UNCLEAN SINNER is continually looking for JUSTIFICATION & PERFECTION as to why they live the way they do, the RIGHTEOUS MAN is asking GOD to continually CHANGE HIS HEART so that his end will be PEACE. 

The ONLY PERFECT MAN to ever walk this EARTH was JESUS CHRIST. So SINNERS we understand that we are NOT PERFECT. But here’s why we are NOT y’all, bcuz our HEARTS have GOOD INTENTIONS and urs is FULL OF DECEIT, VILENESS, and WICKEDNESS…………………………Are there any ???s

CHASE and u shall NOT FIND!!!

We live in a world where satan is in FULL EFFECT. satan is DESTROYING businesses, schools, and more IMPORTANTLY homes and the persons in them. Today if u are a FAMILY, u better stay PRAYED UP, bcuz tomorrow u might not be together anymore. satan is moving just that SWIFTLY. Once he turns a person away from GOD (that’s the ppl who DON’T wanna HEAR nothing about GOD), now his job is to DESTROY u, then KILL u and it’s AMAZIN’ how many ppl are WILLING to serve him. They will give their lives for satan, but don’t wanna HEAR nothing about GOD and is WILLING to argue u down ’bout it. NEVERMIND the FACT that they’re being UNGRATEFUL to GOD, The ONE who opened the doors for them to get what they got in the first place. NONE of that matters to them until GOD let satan start taking away their POSSESSIONS. NOW they start SEEKING GOD bcuz CALAMITY is in their lives, and they can’t LOSE none of their STUFF bcuz that will make them LOOK BAD in front of their FRIENDS. Now u see how satan has their MINDS focused on their things instead of the KINGDOM OF GOD and the THINGS they’re willing to give their SOULS for, GOD tells us in THE BIBLE, He will not let us have. So they give up EVERYTHING for NOTHING!!!

Don’t IGNORE GOD’s WORD, it might be the LAST WORD you HEAR on this earth……………

Be The First

Let’s discuss DEMONS. DEMONS are past from generation  to generation. YES, they really EXIST. VANITY is a DEMON, it’s the reason why a person will take so many SELFIES and post them on FB. Bcuz they’re trying to see how many likes they get, don’t let the SELFIE person fool u, they’re too busy looking for ACCEPTANCE that’s why they’re POSTING the SELFIES. HAUGHTY HEART/ FOOLISH PRIDE is a DEMON. These are the ppl that don’t wanna hear nothing about the WORD of GOD from NOBODY. Not their mother, father, kids, pastors, friends, NOBODY!!! U can’t tell them NOTHING bcuz they know everything. Well I’m here to tell u , that u DON’T know NOTHING if u don’t know GOD. IMMORAL SEX is a DEMON. These are the ppl who try to FORCE their immoral (homosexuality, lesbianism, swingers) lifestyles into ur face and EXPECT u to ACCEPT them bcuz MAN says it’s ok. My Bible tells me , GOD DESTROYED 2 cities bcuz of IMMORAL SEX (Sodom & Gommorah). I’ve told y’all before, I live GODLY correct and NOT MANLY correct. So all it will be to a SAVED person is IMMORAL SEX and NOTHING else bcuz we don’t listen at satan, we listen at GOD. LAZINESS is a DEMON. GOD didn’t put any of us here to be LAZY. HE put us here to do work on EARTH for the Kingdom of Heaven. HE will never call LAZY PPL to do HIS work and HE will make them SUFFER for WANT like a one-armed man and POVERTY will surely overtake them. CUSSING is a DEMON. Man doesn’t lock u up for swearing, but it’s against GOD’s commandments. JEALOUSY, ENVY, POSSESSIVENESS, SLOTH, GREED, LUST all of these are DEMONS!!!  A demon has to be SEEN, u CANNOT hide them no matter what u try.  Why do u think VAIN ppl take so many SELFIES? Why do u think homosexuals come outta the closet? Why do u think IGNORANT ppl talk so LOUD? Why do u think SELFISH ppl use the words I and ME a lot? Why do u think CONVICTED FLESH is always covering up? Bcuz it knows what it has DONE! Someone has to be the FIRST to stand up and resist these demons or they will creep thru every generation of ur family looking for ppl to inhabit. And they stay around for a long time. If any of these DEMONS are in ur FAMILY, then YOU can be the FIRST one to STOP them. Just stand ur ground and TRUST in The Lord and His WORD………………………..


Praying FATHER / MOTHER = Blessed Children = Blessed Grandchildren

It starts with a Praying Parent, my MOTHER was that parent. She was a real prayer warrior who was HIGHLY FAVORED by GOD. I know that ALL I am today is bcuz of The Grace of GOD, showing me FAVOR, bcuz of who my MOTHER was. So therefore I owe it to her to keep that LEGACY alive and that’s why I TEACH my kids the WORD of GOD everyday. What I’m doing is passing down GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS. I may not receive everything I pray for but I know that GOD will store that BLESSING in Heaven for my kids. That is why I PRAISE and WORSHIP Him the way I do. That is the REASON I meditate on His WORD both day and nite. I’m doing for my kids what my MOTHER did for me. That way I can CONTINUE the GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS that she started. I tell ppl all the time this ain’t about me, it’s BIGGER than me……….


I love them, my GOD I love them but please do me a FAVOR? When u talk NEGATIVE and NASTY bout’ me, make sure u turn ur HEAD toward Heaven so GOD can hear u and I get a BLESSING for that. Now I’ma show u how DEEP their HATRED is. Bcuz now that they know I get a BLESSING for their NEGATIVE WORDS watch they STOP speaking them bcuz it’s me and they don’t wanna see me get BLESSED. But once u STOP SPEAKING the NEGATIVE words, now ur NEGATIVE WORDS can’t hold me down no more. My GOD, My GOD, My GOD, what a WONDERFUL GOD. As u can SEE, I get BLESSED whether u SPEAK the words or NOT……………and satan got u thinking u got ALL THE SENSE.


There are so MANY ppl who the INSTANT they look at u, they JUDGE u. Why did he buy that car? Why did he marry that woman? Why they bought that house and not this house? Why they don’t keep their grass cut? Why their kids go to that school and not this school? Why they spent their money on that TV and not get this one? Why he always talking about GOD, don’t nobody wanna hear that? U ain’t perfect, why should I listen to u?  …It’s NOT ur BUSINESS or CONCERN what GOD do in other ppl lives. It’s NOT ur place to wonder who marry who, just figure out why NOBODY’s trying to marry U. Maybe the HOUSE that turns u on , don’t turn them on, or maybe they didn’t buy the house next to urs bcuz they’ve HEARD about U. Maybe ur KID is not smart enough to go to their KID’s school. Why should they buy the TV that ur HEART DESIRE’s? U don’t live wit’ them. And FINALLY, the reason WE TALK about GOD constantly is bcuz HE’s THE ONLY ONE WORTHY OF THAT PRAISE and the ONLY THING u talk about constantly is OTHER PEOPLE…………………The SAME REASON u’re so anxious to serve satan is the SAME REASON we’re so anxious to serve GOD, so we can FEEL better about ourselves. ONLY DIFFERENCE is that satan u serve has NEVER BLESSED anybody in over 3000+ yrs and The MIGHTY GOD of ISRAEL that I serve can MULTIPLY everything I have millions of times over. (Ask satan to do that for U? Ask satan to give u a BLESSING? Then when he can’t do that for u, JUDGE satan, the same way U JUDGE GOD’s people).

GOD does NOT BLESS Gossipers, Talebearers, or Judgemental ppl. Why? Bcuz these ppl are all STRIFE BEARERS. They cause incidents everywhere they go bcuz they carry their JUDGEMENTAL DEMONS with them everywhere they go. Yes, that is a DEMON just in case satan ain’t NEVER told y’all that!!!


We as CHILDREN of GOD wanna serve GOD just as ambitiously as SINNERS wanna serve satan. SINNERS don’t never wanna HEAR a WORD from GOD but they always wanna tell us words from satan. Just like u don’t wanna hear GOD’s words, U DEFINITELY can’t tell me NOTHING from satan bcuz I don’t serve that FOOL nor do I LISTEN at him or his words or his messengers / minions. satan nor his workers can’t TELL me anything POSITIVE or nothing from The Kingdom of Heaven, all they can tell me is what THEY THINK THEY KNOW. words that will DEFINITELY send u to HELL is all they know or that’s all they CHOOSE to know. So why should I LISTEN at anyone who DOES NOT have enough SENSE to save their OWN SOUL? What life saving WORD can u give me, when U CHOOSE not to LISTEN at life saving WORDS???  

That would be like Stevie Wonder tryin’ to teach Ray Charles how to DRIVE and Helen Keller sittin’ in the backseat GRADING them…….


Keep thinking I’m shooting SUBLIMINALS, when I’m actually giving u a WORD from GOD. Any words I post come from the Heavenly Kingdom or I don’t even SPEAK THEM. I don’t give ADVICE from what I think I know, any ADVICE I give is straight from The BIBLE and can save ur LIFE. U don’t have to LISTEN nor do I try to make u LISTEN. I keep tellin’ ppl I get REWARDED for just for delivering the WORD. Whether U cut ur LIFE short by not LISTENING or U get BLESSED by listening is NO CONCERN of MINE. If u DON’T LISTEN it’s just another BAD DECISION in a life full of BAD DECISIONS……………

I’ma say it AGAIN in case u MISSED IT the first time. “If u always do, what u’ve always done, then u gon’ always get, what u always got”. That’s my way of sayin, if U don’t change, nothing don’t change, and ONLY GOD can change u. NOT YOU!!!


This is to let ALL my fellow Christian Bloggers know that I have started an all gospel radio station dedicated to nothing but the Heavenly Kingdom. Some of the blogs that I am REBLOGGING, those really powerful ones, I will be re-reading, then give the blogger credit and website directing traffic to ur website, FREE ADVERTISEMENT. If some of u have businesses, send them to me email, I DEFINITELY will announce it, email u with the TIMES(more than once per day, way more) and u can listen out for them, MORE FREE ADVERTISEMENT. It’s all about HELPING OTHERS. Everyone is WELCOMED to use GOD’s VEHICLE. BTW, if u SING GOSPEL or GOSPEL RAP, send an MP3  via email and then u will hear ur song on the station too. Please make sure it’s COPYWRITTEN……


On this past Saturday nite around 10:45 or 11:15, I was sittin in my backyard in a spot I call my SANCTUARY. GOD talks to me an awful lot when I sit back there. Now ppl around me will understand why I spend so much time in my backyard. I’m talking to GOD and I’m listening at what He’s tellin’ me to do also. The eerie FEELING of DEATH came over me and I knew somebody was LEAVING HERE. So I immediately OBEYED The VOICE of GOD and I go in the house to begin to PRAY. Right before I knelt down , The Holy Spirit tells me to go and get my 8yr old son (he’s SAVED too) who’s in his room so he can PRAY with u. That brings JESUS into the midst of us, RIGHT AWAY. WE start praying. THEN I call my IMMEDIATE FAMILY who are out and about, to be very CAREFUL on their way home. They ARRIVE home, THANK GOD. I get a TEXT yesterday from a friend saying, he’s been UPSET all day bcuz his cuzn got KILLED in a motorcycle accident around 11 or 12 Saturday nite. I text him back, gave him my condolences, . Then I showed my 8yr old the TEXT and the FIRST THING he said was, “GOOD THING  we prayed last nite, I’m GLAD u LISTENED to GOD, daddy”. The WISDOM of a child bcuz I IMMEDIATELY thought about what COULD’VE HAPPENED, had I NOT LISTENED to GOD…


Our FATHER, I pray this morning for SOULS that are LOST. I pray for those who satan has managed to turn their heads and give a BLIND EYE towards the Heavenly Kingdom. I pray for those who CONSTANTLY ignore Your Instructions and REBUKE Your reproach, for they know not what they do or the CHASTISEMENT for such FOOLISH actions. I pray that u have MERCY on those ppl who try to STOP other ppl from HEARING Your WORD bcuz they don’t have the COMMON SENSE to TRUST in Your WORD. I pray that You do not send out Your WORD of DEATH for these ppl bcuz I understand that, that WORD will never come back to You empty and somebody will be wrapped up in it and a MAJORITY of the time it is a NON-BELIEVER who has SHORTENED their LIFE with the FOOLISH WORDS they speak. FATHER , I pray from the bottom of my HEART that You have MERCY on these ppl during Your WRATH…In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.


Our FATHER, help me to SEE the TRUE LOVELINESS of LOVE. May I SEEK and CHERISH it as the greatest thing in the world. And FATHER may I express it in the MOST BEAUTIFUL ways that I am capable of, so that it may bring JOY to OTHERS. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen. 

LOVE suffereth long, and is KIND; LOVE envieth not; LOVE vaunteth not ITSELF, LOVE is not PUFFED UP, doth NOT behave itself UNSEEMLY, SEEKETH NOT HER OWN, is NOT easily PROVOKED, thinketh NO EVIL; rejoiceth NOT in INIQUITY, but rejoiceth in TRUTH. ( 1st Corinthians 13:4-6)

“Seeketh not her OWN”, He’s talking about  IMMORAL RELATIONSHIPS………………..

Misguided Thinking

A LOT of ppl THINK they can LIVE how they wanna LIVE and they’ll GET SAVED later. That’s a very BAD IDEA! As a matter of fact, I will call it the STUPIDEST IDEA u’ve ever had!!! Why the MISGUIDED THINKER asks? I’ll tell u why. I’ll give u an analogy that u will understand. If U only had ONE HOUR to live, who would u call and what would u say? Well why haven’t u made that call YET? The NEXT HOUR is not PROMISED to any of us……………Let Dat Marinate


First OFF, GOD is so  MERCIFUL that He sent His only begotten son in The WORLD to die for our SINS. That is the ULTIMATE act of LOVE bcuz if GOD came to us and asked us to do the SAME, MOST of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. He wakes us EVERYDAY so we can see the wonders of His Works. He also gives us FREE WILL and YET, even tho’ ppl understand THIS, They will STILL HARDEN their HEARTS towards GOD and His WORD. Then they look surprised when things don’t go right in their own lives. They’re NOT SUPPOSED to go right bcuz u’re NOT giving GOD nothing to make ur life go right. Now if u THINK u’re gonna make it without GOD then let me drop this NUGGET in ur MEMBRANE. It’s NOT gonna HAPPEN!!! GOD tells u in the Bible, “with Me you have HOPE and a FUTURE, without Me you have NO HOPE and NO FUTURE”. So those of u who are UNSAVED and STILL wondering what u are, let’s see, LOST, DOOMED, HELLBOUND, ALWAYS BITTER, FULL of LUST, VAIN, PRIDEFUL, FOOLISH in THOUGHT, CAPABLE of committing ALL SIN, WHOREMONGERER, GOSSIPER, TALEBEARER, FALSE WITNESS, and always trying to EXALT ur UNSAVED heathen friends over CHILDREN of GOD!!! UNSAVED ppl are so FULL of PRIDE that it is BENEATH THEM to glorify GOD’s KINGDOM in any way. Nevermind the FACT, that HE’s the REASON why u’re standing here on EARTH in the first place. So REALLY, u are NOTHING more than an UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF FLESH…Now u know….

Words Have Power

Only a FOOL let all the words in his head run from his lips.

That’s GOD’s way of telling u to SHUT UP. There is also another scripture that says, Even a FOOL is counted WISE when he remains silent. The REASON GOD tells us to be careful of our WORDS, bcuz our words have the power of PROPHECY in them. That’s why TRULY SAVED ppl only speak POSITIVE WORDS. U ever hear anyone say, I’m always broke. Well guess what? U always will be bcuz u have SPOKEN the words right into ur life. Now there is a SIMPLE way to avoid this and that is to ask GOD to put a BRIDLE over ur MOUTH and let u SPEAK only the WORDS that He gives u to SPEAK.

PS – Now u know why GOSSIPERS have so much TROUBLE in their OWN LIVES. That is bcuz they SPEAK so many NEGATIVE WORDS in other ppl lives.And what these IDIOTS (Gossipers) need to understand is they are an ABOMINATION to GOD and their PRAYERS are also. CONTINUE gossiping and all the NEGATIVE WORDS in ur MOUTH will start to taste as bitter as VINEGAR and WORMWOOD and u will be so TONGUE-TIED, until u can’t SPEAK…………………………..Oh yeah before I forget. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS,Amen.

A TRULY SAVED person knows, just what I just SPOKE, into the GOSSIPERS LIFE……

Unconditional LOVE


Our Wonderful GOD

Every once in a while, GOD will give u a WORD that’s so POWERFUL u can hardly believe it. Then after a while, if u’re paying attention, u will start to see that WORD coming alive right before your very eyes. NOBODY ELSE around you notices bcuz they’re NOT SAVED, now u realize that u have to PRAY HARDER and it SEEMS like the harder u PRAY, the MORE REBELLIOUS they become. The devil, he starts meeting u in ur prayer room trying to attack ur mind before u even start praying. ALL that does to me is make me closer to GOD, then I go about my bizness wit’ NO WORRIES or CARES. The REASON I can do this is simply bcuz I can do ALL THINGS through Christ JESUS who lives inside of me! I ALSO know that I can TRUST GOD bcuz His WORD is comin’ to LIFE right before my very eyes and I CONSTANTLY PRAISE Him, all the day long…In The MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.


Our FATHER, continue to show me GRACE, LOVE, MERCY, and SALVATION. For I continually seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness and all other things will be added unto me. I pray that You continue to humble my HEART bcuz I never want to bring an INIQUITOUS HEART into ur presence. Continue to fill me with RIGHTEOUSNESS and GLORY so I will continue to do ur work for The Kingdom of Heaven right here on EARTH. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.

With GOD

We Remain with God

“Separation is painful only to those who believe it can occur in truth. What would a child’s rejection or a parent’s death mean to those who did not believe in separation? Do you believe that God believes in separation? He knows it not, and because He knows it not, it does not exist. Because He knows it not, He has not been hurt by it. He knows no rejection and no death. He knows no pain or sorrow. His son remains with him in his eternal home, joined with him as always in eternal completion.” (C:12.23)

We remain with God, even in this sometimes difficult world. He does not countenance separation from Him, something that He knows (and we now know) is impossible, for we are part of Him. When this passage says that God “knows” not separation, I think it means that He doesn’t put any store by it, not that He doesn’t know of our plight. (There are differing opinions among A Course in Miracles students/teachers about whether or not God knows of our plight in illusion.)

We are here today, merged with God. Our Self is coming into its own, and it is this Self Who is One with God.

Let us relax today in God’s care. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We are safe.

We can trust Him.

I reblogged this from Celia Hales WordPress  blog. This is a very POWERFUM message

Now U Know!!!

Proverbs 26:16

The SLUGGARD is wiser in his own CONCEIT than SEVEN men that can render a REASON..

This scripture tells u all about LAZY PEOPLE. GOD calls them SLUGGARDS and HE’s telling u how they OPERATE. LAZY PEOPLE would rather give u a MOUTH FULL of EXCUSES, than to do any type of WORK bcuz they figure they are being SMARTER than u. The minute u give them something to do is the EXACT MINUTE they figure out an EXCUSE to NOT DO IT and then when u ask them about it, IT AIN’T NEVER THEIR FAULT!!! GOD doesn’t even waste time calling SLUGGARDS bcuz HE says they will not do HIS work. So if u have LAZY KIDS or a LAZY KID break them out of that HABIT right now and DON’T HESITATE to give them the rod across their back. BCUZ just as sure as the sun ROSE this morning, LAZY PPL are not going to work TODAY, TOMORROW, or FOREVER if they can get away with it. So if u’re a PARENT of a LAZY CHILD, unless GOD changes their ways, DON’T EXPECT this child to do ANYTHING or become ANYONE bcuz they ALREADY is, what they’re going to become, NOTHING!!!!

Another scripture tells us, the SLUGGARD is a DISHONOR to his father and a SHAME to the mother that had him…………

Food For Thought

When u PRAY, don’t pray by asking, but PRAY by giving. When u ask u shall receive, but also when u give u shall receive. As u give WHOLLY, WHOLENESS will come back to u and to those that belong to u. Now u also gotta remember that when u give WHOLLY, u are giving it ALL to GOD. What u’re saying is, GOD whatever Your Will, I agree with it WHOLEHEARTEDLY and UNWAVERING. And that is a VERY HARD thing to do, but it is really WORTH IT…….


Everybody wants this, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to get this. If u want to satisfy ALL of ur FINANCIAL NEEDS, start paying TITHES. That’s IT!!! That’s ALL u gotta do. Now the minute u decide to do this, the devil will come and tell u that if u pay ur TITHES u won’t have ENOUGH money to pay ur BILLS. One of the BIGGEST LIES satan can tell. Do u really THINK that The GOD I serve would let u pay ur TITHES and not make a way for u to pay ur BILLS? If that happens, that would make GOD, satan. Now u don’t have to pay ur TITHES, but I’ma show u how GOD gets the money anyway. U don’t PAY ur TITHES, the car continues to have TROUBLES that cost u MONEY. U don’t pay ur TITHES, things around ur house constantly tear up or needs REPAIRING, that’s ANOTHER way GOD is going to get HIS money. U don’t pay ur TITHES, and everything ur KIDS are involved in is going to cost u lots of MONEY… NO MATTER. If u don’t GIVE to GOD, He’s going to make sure HE takes away from u…..BESIDES u might as well pay ur TITHES bcuz it was GOD who opened the door for u to get the JOB in the FIRST PLACE.


Our FATHER, I come before You today as HUMBLY as I know how. I know that Your PRESENCE is everywhere that I am because I only take the steps that You order. I pray that everywhere You guide me, that I can be a WORD of ENCOURAGEMENT for others. I pray that You continue to constantly change my HEART and change my WAYS for the betterment of the Heavenly Kingdom and I pray also, that Your LOVE continues to flow thru me and into the lives of others. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS, Amen.

Quit Lying On LOVE


SOOOooooo if u’re NOT SAVED and have never been SAVED, U DO NOT, (I repeat U DO NOT) know what LOVE is. So other than PARENTLY LOVE and SIBLING LOVE, all u have EXPERIENCED is DEEP LUST. That means everytime u have a told a RELATIONSHIP PARTNER that u LOVE THEM, and they have told u they LOVE u but NEITHER of u are SAVED, U BOTH are tellin’ each other LIES!!!!! and if u BOTH got on the ALTER of GOD UNSAVED…..Well u know the rest….


Dear Heavenly Father I Thank YOU for waking me this morning 🌄 to see 👀 anutha one of ur GLORIOUS days. Without You nothing is possible, but with You nothing is impossible. Let us give of ourselves to make other ppl lives better and I pray that I am a word of encouragement for someone other than myself. In the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen